Saturday, July 31, 2010


In the past two months, Gav and I have celebrated our 24th birthdays, celebrated in the birth of our 4th neice, Aven, and taken some trips here and there. So I am claiming the "better late than never" quote and catching up on my blogging.

First things first, MY BDAY. Okay so I had a wonderful birthday. JUNE 17. I share my bday with my nephew Harrison and a 2nd cousin Martha Grace. It's a great day to be born if I say so myself. But let's see for my birthday I got all kinds of wonderful presents, but one of my most favorite presents was a set of Fiestaware that my momma has started for me. Sidenote: when we got married we registered for Target plates against my momma's advice, and it didnt end well. You should always listen to your momma.... Anyways, momma bought me Chocolate brown and Lemongrass green plates. I wanted one more color and while on vacation Gav bought me some Peacock blue plates. I love them all and I am still working up to a nice little collection, enough to raise a family I hope.

I also celebrated with the ones I love during my bday..

Shortly after my bday, Aven Abigail Adcock was born on June 23rd. She is the little sister to big sister Sela, and just like Sela she had us up late late late waiting on her arrival. We all were there though waiting on my sweet SIL to push her out (which she does like a champ, all while looking like Miss America) grr. Here are some pics from the day of Miss Aven's birth.

My first time to hold Aven.
Sela was so enamored with her new baby "seester" Aren't they are gorgeous family?

Around 4 am..look at Sela's hair..
Every summer Gavin and I go with his family (the Nowells) on a family vacation. This summer we went to Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, TN area. We had a blast. Gav and I went 2 days early to spend some time alone. It was so wonderful. We spent our time walking around downtown Gatlinburg, shopping, eating at the Peddler (highly recommended), and just being together.

His family arrived at different times, we all had a blast just hanging out. We always have so much fun together. All of us, all of the craziness, all of the NOWELLNESS... It's great. Here are some pics from our trip...

Our summer has been full of fun and lots of changes. We are so blessed to be able to take part in so many wonderful opportunities.I have some more summer fun to catch up on but this is enough for one day....

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